Save the open web

Photo by Sergey Zolkin / Unsplash
Save the open web

In a few days Apple will be releasing the 17.4 version of iOS. It will be a huge update if we take into account that Apple has been forced to comply with the DMA in the Eurozone. Apple will (sort of) comply with it, but it won’t be with their engineers but with their army of lawyers.

The obligation of opening iOS to other browser engines has been used as an excuse to kill Progressive Web Apps (PWA) in Europe. If we, as Apple users and Europeans don’t raise our voices we will be telling Apple that we are ok with that, and we are not.

European authorities should take action against this and they shouldn’t allow this kind of behavior. The open web is at stake again.

UPDATE 2024-03-03: Apple has changed their mind for the moment and they won’t be removing support for PWA on iOS in Europe.