Transactional emails service

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Transactional emails service

As a web developer, one of the features that cannot be omitted in almost any app is the ability to send emails. For example a confirmation email when you sign up, a reset password message, a notification of a new message, etc…

You can use an ordinary email service for that, such as Gmail or Outlook, but chances are that these services are not enough for that purpose, because of some rate limits those services use to have.

That kind of messages are known as transactional emails and there are a lot of services dedicated to that. Do not confuse these kind of emails with marketing emails, which are bulk message services to send marketing messages and newsletters. Let’s see some of the best transactional email services.


They have a free tier of 100 emails per day and then starts at $19,95/month

Transactional Email Service - Start for Free | Twilio SendGrid
Send Transactional Email With Confidence. Partner with the email service trusted by developers and marketers for time-savings, scalability, and expertise.


This is probably one of the cheapest services at $0,19/1000 emails. AWS has also a time limited free tier but I think it is not specific of the email service. I may end using this if I need a paying service.

Amazon Simple Email Service Pricing | Cloud Email Service | Amazon Web Services
Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is a pay-as-you-go service based on the volume of emails sent and received. There are no subscriptions, no contract negotiations, and no minimum charges.


It has a free tier of 3000 emails/month (100 emails/day) and then starts at $20/month

Build, test, and send transactional emails at scale.


Free for 100 emails/month, and then starts at $15/month

Postmark Pricing and Free Trial
Reliable email delivery from $15 per month.


This one has a strange free tier. You can send 5000 emails/month for free but only to 5 contacts. Then starts at $35/month. This is probably the most expensive one and unfortunately is the only one officially integrated in Ghost CMS for newsletter sending.

Flexible Pricing & Email Delivery Plans - Email API Service | Mailgun
Pricing plans built for an email delivery solution that brings emails and verifications together under one API-driven engine.


This is famous for its newsletter service but they also offer transactional emails. They have a free tier of 500 emails/month and then starts at $20/month.

Precios del correo electrónico transaccional de Mailchimp | Mandrill | Mailchimp
Encuentra el precio de los correos electrónicos transaccionales de Mailchimp. Determina tu gasto mensual con nuestra calculadora de precios.